Sunday, July 3, 2011

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  • senthil1
    05-01 09:32 AM
    Many people might have lost job because of last year rally. Here I heard one of company in Chicago area fired all the illegal immigrants in last year immeditely after rally. So this kind of things may not be necessarily positive.

    If Illiegals can protest and can have large rallies across the nation then whats the problem with the legals? Why can't we put our point forward through these kind of peaceful but strong measures.:confused:

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  • lagsam
    05-19 03:31 PM
    If they are have not reniewed their EAD then they cannot work.

    With regards to their status, it is still AOS. It is not affected.

    If I were you I would renew their EADs so they could continue working.

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  • sandeeps92049
    08-07 12:44 AM

    I have H1 that is valid till 2011 but when I entered using H1 ( I had EAD and AP also), the visa officer gave i-94 only till Jun 3rd 2009. I did not notice this error at that time. I realized this when my attorney pointed out this while applying for my new AP. The attorney suggested that I should go out of the country and re enter on EAD/AP and start working on EAD. What are my options ?

    1) My EAD is valid till 2010
    2) My current H1 is valid till 2011
    3) My current AP is Valid till August 28 2009
    4) My I-94 expired on June 3rd 2009.
    5) My H1 visa stamp expired on May 2009

    Should I go to Canada or Mexico and re-enter US with EAD/AP before my AP expires to start working on EAD and avoid any "out of status" issues ?

    Does Canada Mexico ask for valid VISA and I-94 to get a visitor visa ?
    Should I go to India(my home country) and re-enter US before my AP expires to keep my status ?

    Appreciate a quick response as my AP is about to expire.

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  • harrydr
    03-29 10:15 AM
    Just went thorugh this 3 weeks ago. Same case as yours both for me and my wife. Wrong date stamped on my I-94 while returning from India.

    Called the local international airport cutoms division and they made me come down to the airport and after showing the correct documentation issued new I-94 cards with correct I94 dates. Try this and you should face no problems i hope.

    I'm from Michigan and i went to the Metro airport in detroit.


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  • sprint2004
    09-11 12:29 PM
    Ok! Thought of starting this thread to track EAD/AP/FP notices and updates for early july filers. This way we can see if there is any kind of pattern going on. My details below:

    I-140 cleared from TSC
    485 filed july 2nd with NSC
    Checks cleared on 9/4 and got RN# starting with SRC (TSC)
    USCIS Case update shows "Last update" as 9/3 for EAD/AP.


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  • Billboard
    10-27 05:00 PM

    I have an EAD (over a year now since I-140 approved), but never used it. Now, that Iam planning to switch my employer I have some questions about using EAD

    1. Is it Mandatory to file AC21?

    2. Is AC21 required for each contract switch ? (Suppose Contract is W2), if so, wouldnt that be hard and expensive to file for every 3 or 6 months projects?

    3. Can I work on 1099?

    Thanks in Advance.


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  • seekerofpeace
    09-07 08:43 PM
    I tried a few times for scheduling infopass trying to get Boston which is closer to where I live. But I am getting Lawrence....I guess Boston office is flooded with appointments...Didn't know that Lawrence has a office too.

    Will let you guys know if the meeting is of any help (which I doubt)...



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  • krishna_brc
    06-15 06:33 PM
    Yesterday I e-filed my EAD and AP renewal for me and my wife but I think I may have messed up a little.

    1) I forgot to save the confirmation receipt( pdf) from me and now I cannot get it anywhere. I did it save it for my wife. I belive I need this along with the supporting documents. How Can I request the confirmation receipt from USCIS

    2) I did not find any instructions come up for the list of supporting documents that need to be sent. Should I send the supporting documents (based on what I saw on this site) anyways?

    You can email to requesting the receipt notice in pdf format. I had the same situation and i emailed the above Id and got receipt notice (pdf) in 48hrs. BTW in the email give your receipt number.



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  • gcformeornot
    08-02 01:09 PM

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  • greenlight
    08-27 08:54 PM
    Here is the thread for people who filed AOS between July 17 and Aug. 17. You might find people in your situation.

    I just got my receipt notice today.

    Get involved with collective movement and the DC rally on Sept. 18. I can't attend, but am contributing $ toward someone else attending the rally.


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  • rsdang
    08-22 11:46 AM
    Sorry not the answer you are looking for but I remember them scanning the bar code and A# was on screen - cant remember it it was manually entered or popped up due to bar code scan...

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  • johnggberg
    08-12 10:38 AM
    dont worry about it, your good to go, i did it to back in 2002 i didnt had any problems. good luck


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  • msyedy
    02-06 12:14 PM
    Hi All,

    I have received a information regarding my EB2 (PD Jan 15 2005)Approval from my old company( Here all the fees are being met by me).I had left that company last year trying to pursue my carrier.

    New company has given me an approved labour for EB3 OCt 2004 and I140 is approved.

    I would like to know from experinced guys , as to what should I be doing, should I resign from new company and join back the old one?

    As GC is for future employment, can i apply for I140 throgh my old company and join them back in I485 Stage?

    When can we expect EB2 PD of Jan 2005 to be current.

    I would appreciate your responses.


    Do not expect anything, no one can tell you a specific range of dates when the priority of a Labor be current. You can join the old emp and use this priority date from the current emp of Oct 2004 to the one with PD Jan 15th 2005.
    The priority date is based on a person so you can carry it anywhere only after a I-140 is approved for that labor.

    So -- You at the old company can have priority date of Oct 2004.

    Yes you can join the old employer when you anytime, even at the time of fillinng your I-485

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  • gparr
    May 13th, 2004, 10:42 PM
    While out shooting today, I came across a pond with bullfrogs. I captured one sticking his head out of the water. I knew it was a wasted frame and never intended to use it for anything and probably should have deleted it. I shot the image with my 75-300 handheld at 300 mm, f/8, at 1/250 sec. Generally this is a combination that isn't worth the energy required to push the shutter button, particularly with a lens that is far from award-winning. For fun, I decided to see how well the image (original is RAW) would hold up with severe cropping. All PS processing done essentially the same. Frankly, I'm impressed with the results. To see the blood vessels in the frog's eye with that much of a crop is impressive. What do others think?

    Here's the crop:

    Here's the uncropped full frame:


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  • texcan
    09-24 11:22 PM
    Today i received my EAD card, It says fingerprint not available. I have not yet received FP notice

    Has this happened to anybody else, will i have to update EAD card after FP, how does this work

    Filed on July 16th, My checks were cashed on 10th Sep


    First EAD will have no fingerprints, since you have not gone through FP.
    Its normal. Read other threads.

    You will not need to update EADs, renewal next year will take care of this automatically.

    Could you please provide some more info on your filed with which service center, case transfered or not....Remember this is community site, we share information/knowledge for benefit of each other, Thanks

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  • fatboysam
    02-12 08:33 PM
    Thanks for replying, i have some more questions related to this

    Lets say my current employer is A and next employer is B

    1. Do employers normally revoke I140 when employee leaves ?

    2. If my first PERM and I140 was under EB3 category, then can i switch to EB2 category with the next company ?

    3. Suppose i leave A and Join B, and after 2-3 months i join another company C, in this case will C be able to port my I140 from A ?


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  • sanju_dba
    11-10 03:10 PM
    waiting for some IVan with tareek clip

    it was about remembering just my Birthday date... now..

    PD Date
    VB Date
    EAD expiry date
    H1B expiry date ( ETA9035E date,reciept date,approval date )
    if you have vacation , then POE date .
    I94 date,
    ... any thing else to add ?

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  • hibworker
    12-14 07:00 PM
    Just mark NO, since it is a Yes / No question. You currently have EAD for next 2 years, hopefully it'll get renewed. You don't have a crystal ball to tell what will happen after that.

    So you are not mis-representing by saying NO.

    PS: This is just what I would have done and is only my opinion.

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  • roseball
    07-26 04:00 PM
    Hello Friends

    My EB2 petition was filed in TSC in June 2009 and on July 20 2009 I received an email saying that " my approval notice was sent".Today the status changed to " Document mailed ON juLY 24 2009 " and also my previous eb1a denial in Feb 2009 got a soft LUD.

    I am totally confused by this . Can some one offer their opinion on this strange development ?

    Appreciate your help in advance

    What petition is this, I-140 or I-485?

    03-21 11:52 AM
    Please change the title to "300 Illegal Immigrants with Criminal Records Arrested in Texas". Don't set a false alarm.

    technically by definition how an an illegal achieve the status of immigrant? I gues you meant illegal aliens? just kidding

    02-27 12:51 PM
    I think these bills are too complicated and have possibilities of failing on the house floor, even if they pass through the senate..

    My question to the group is: Does it make sense for us to lobby for changes to existing laws as 'amendments/enhancements' (do not know the exact term), which need not go through this full-blown congressional approval process.. Another issue that we are facing with the bills such as immig. comprehensive bill is that we get tagged together with illegal immig., so it becomes all the more probable to get rejected. I am just being realistic and urging the IV team to add one more action item to the agenda and see if we can put some efforts towards this additional agenda.

    I think, in addition to supporting the bills, we should look at this additional possibility. Something like allowing I-485 even though the number is not available, just requires an amendment to the existing law. It does not require additional quota, so there is no major impact to immigration law as a whole. So, we may not need to wait for a bill to clear, in order for such reliefs to be approved.

    My take is: we should strive for 3-pronged approach - 1) near short term approach is to ask for immediate relief such as I-485 filing without the visa number availability; there may be other such reliefs possible - 2) short term approach is to support the current bills being considerd, as we are doing already - 3) long term approach is to think of what is the backup plan in case 1 and 2 fails

    Just thinking out loud here.

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