Tuesday, August 23, 2011

simple snowflake patterns for kids

simple snowflake patterns for kids. cool easy patterns to draw.
  • cool easy patterns to draw.

  • tpavur
    Apr 24, 09:07 PM
    Where is the best place to sell a 64GB iPad 2 non-3G? I tried eBay and twice now someone did buy it now and couldn't pay right away... It's very very lightly used all I'm trying to do is get what I paid for it, any recommendations would be a huge help... I tried Mac forums as well, is there a new site everyone's using nowadays?

    simple snowflake patterns for kids. Kids love to paint,
  • Kids love to paint,

  • Digitalclips
    Sep 1, 06:13 AM
    they don't lose the secret features due to NDAs.

    Just asking the experts ...

    Is it possible Apple could release the final version with the option to initialize a drive with ZFS prior to install? Everything I have read about ZFS seems to point to it as a next logical step for Apple's OS.

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  • children#39;s christmas

  • niuniu
    Mar 26, 03:47 PM
    Publicity stunt?

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  • snowflake designs custom

  • Knowimagination
    Mar 11, 10:01 AM
    Nearing 30 at University.

    Wow I may have to head out there sooner than expected


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  • mechamac
    Oct 9, 03:36 PM
    Eeeeeeyep, Target is just gonna stop selling DVDs if they don't get their way. Uh huh. Ridiculous.

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  • Sirdar Snowflake DK Pattern

  • ExoticFish
    Apr 2, 04:18 PM
    i think it's been cool for the couple of "design" documents i've done with it. i made a fake newspaper and a form for work. i'm happy with it but i'm not trying to do anything too complex either.


    simple snowflake patterns for kids. Sirdar Snowflake DK Pattern
  • Sirdar Snowflake DK Pattern

  • See Flat
    Apr 14, 03:05 PM
    You can take they guy out of microsoft.
    Lets just hope they can take microsoft out of the guy. ;)

    simple snowflake patterns for kids. easy snowflake pattern
  • easy snowflake pattern

  • barenature
    Apr 26, 02:25 AM

    Something odd happened to me yesterday and I'd like to ask for your opinion. I had been postponing the latest update of OSX for a few weeks and decided to finally install this update yesterday.

    After installing this update, my iMac became terribly slow up to the point that it is basically unusable. Booting up takes ages and when logged in I see the spinning beach ball more than I'd like. I couldn't figure out what the problem was and decided to simply do a clean install as I did not have the time to figure this out.

    After a clean install, I downloaded all the updates and the iMac seemed to run smooth again, but this morning I noticed that the iMac is again extremely slow.

    Has anyone of you experienced this problem before?

    Some additional information:
    - iMac 20" 2.4GHz 4GB RAM 320 HDD
    - tried resetting PRAM
    - HDD only has one partition (so no Bootcamp)

    I have run an Apple Hardware Test and I am getting an HDD error. The odd thing is that when I now boot from the install DVD and launch Disk Utility, my HD is not even showing up. It only shows up as a drive labeled "Media".


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  • callmemike20
    Jan 14, 11:14 PM
    A few people have set up chat for MWSF in ichat. it is called: MWSF08. Simply go to file>Go to chatroom> MWSF08. All 7 of us in the room were wondering if MacRumors could lock this or announce it somehow.

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  • Archmagination
    Sep 26, 01:10 PM
    Is it me or do most of the people who posted in this thread don't know how to read?

    Apple ISN'T OBJECTING TO USING THE WORD PODCAST What they are doing is trying to stop this company from doing things like marketing ipodcast and things like that.. AGAIN APPLE SPECIFICALLY MENTIONED THAT PODCAST WAS TO BE EXCLUDED FROM THEIR CEASE AND DESIST REQUEST.


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  • ehoui
    May 5, 06:34 PM
    I think what we are all seeing is that the differentiating factor between Apple and "the others" is no longer software. Windows 7 is now good enough that it can easily compete with (and in many areas, exceed) the software offering on any Mac.

    Windows 7 is nice and XP is still a champ on my crappy Dell work laptop. But, to this day, I use my wife to validate such notions (not my own). She, a long time Windows user, will never go back because she just gets her stuff done on the Mac. She could care less about Apple (she rolls her eyes when I talk about the company). She uses a tenth or less of the power, but that's the point isn't it. The general user doesn't care about these specs, just about getting their **** done. with the minimum of hassle or problems.

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  • pmz
    Mar 19, 04:40 PM
    I disagree, very very small discount

    Apple should have extended the full education discount of 14% to students. As much as I love Apple's products, they're very much an overly greedy company these days. They're also possibly being myopic, as students are highly likely to buy content for the device IMO

    Very shameful Apple


    4 years ago my brother (parents) had to pay $2000 for his "tablet PC" from HP in highschool.

    This works out to what, $470 a piece? Give me a break.


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  • CFreymarc
    Nov 20, 10:47 AM
    Pretty cool that some kid can take initiative and do what Apple apparently cannot.

    I am sure there is going to be a bunch going back and forth. It is very hard to prosecute on this if it was a parts order the primary didn't accept. He may claim that he is just selling surplus or discarded parts as salvage. Love to know who is footing the PIs bill to harass this kid.

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  • TEG
    Apr 5, 05:32 PM
    I believe he's referring to headsets that don't have the audio in and out jack combined into one (http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2036282). The line-in port on Macs does not have any power to support a microphone. This is why the Griffin iMic exists.

    Since the Mic port turned into Line-In, there hasn't been any power on the port, requiring a powered input or amp. However, on the Headset jacks that support the iPhone mic on them, do have a built-in mic, even on the MacBook, but only when using the 3rd sleeve that the iPhone mic cable has.



    simple snowflake patterns for kids. Snowflake Patterns To Cut Out.
  • Snowflake Patterns To Cut Out.

  • kuwisdelu
    Apr 12, 07:00 PM
    It seems that most people are not aware of the fact that 30 is large enough sample for almost any population, and that the main challenge is not in increasing the sample size, it's in making it truly random.

    This. You want a simple random sample, a sample size greater than 30, and a population size greater than ten times your sample size.

    As a statistician, it always simultaneously amuses and disappoints me when people say "xxx isn't a large enough sample size!"

    Usually the sample size is completely adequate, and it's only that the sampling technique was flawed. It's extremely difficult to get an unbiased sample when doing a survey.

    By the way, why is everyone saying people in the Midwest don't buy iPads? I live in the Midwest and will be getting an iPad 2 soon. Yes...probably Verizon.

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  • The Phazer
    Nov 6, 05:50 AM
    It'd be great news to have an Oyster card in the next iPhone...



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  • Jamekae
    Mar 27, 01:46 AM

    STEVE: No hard feelings, but the prophecy said "Neither can live while the other survives."

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  • res1233
    Apr 26, 01:58 AM
    I hope Lion will mark the end of DVD drives in all Macs ... they can be an additional option so that whoever needs one can pay for it - I don't have any need for it and Lion should be available as download and USB stick. I haven't bought any software on DVD in ages - I will always opt for downloads - DVD is a technology from the last century.

    Hmm, something is wrong with my memory or math ... last time I checked the MacBook Air was the cheapest laptop from Apple and has the USB included - all the more expensive laptops have old fashioned DVDs.

    I agree. The most problematic components in a computer in general are the mechanical ones, and at this point, the only mechanical component that most likely will never be removed is the fan. Mobile devices on the other hand have even done away with that. These are interesting times. I rarely ever use the optical drive anymore, in fact, I have not used it in months... There is simply no reason to. Virtually all software is available online via the mac app store or some site somewhere, and the only things i use the drive for anymore are OS restores from time machine. If Apple were to provide a restore partition with the default install of Lion, then that would be it. No more DVD drive.

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  • danielbriggs
    Nov 21, 04:52 PM
    This is not really new technology.

    This is a very common device what is new is that someone is marketing it to Apple.

    I agree... But sounds nice, but I just don't think it will pay off. Keep a fan spinning 10 mins longer may set you back around £5-10. + add's size an weight.

    Nice idea, not practical

    Apr 5, 11:21 AM
    Regarding touch buttons, my post above. Regarding pressing the wrong side in the dark, although I have done that a couple of times in the past, I think they make the button concave so you can feel where it is without looking. I (personally) think that a glow in the dark button would look tacky, especially because they glow in that eery green colour. :(

    When you are watching a YouTube video, I tend to forget where the home button is. Or when surfing the web for some time while in the dark.

    And I don't literally mean glow in the dark like those cheap Halloween things, I'm talking about an actual light behind the capacitive square symbol which has a sensor which turns on when there is a certain level of darkness.

    I can easily envisage this happening . It would look fantastic.

    Apr 8, 01:26 PM
    Ok, I was going to post something with substance, but I can't stop laughing...

    And what's with this rhetoric? "overthrow"? Really? And you do realize you just Goodwin-ed this discussion...

    If that didn't, I'm pretty sure this did -->

    Fascists show no mercy to ANYONE.. Tea Party = the new modern NAZI PARTY.

    By the way, what's so controversial about NPR and PBS?

    (edit) Considering Planned Parenthood uses ZERO federal funds to provide abortions, what is so controversial about a womens' health provider, birth control, and an entity that helps with education and treatment regarding sexually transmitted diseases?

    Feb 23, 01:50 PM
    This is appalling. I cannot believe this government intrusion is even legal.

    So...where does parenting come into the picture here?! That is the problem with this and many, many other problems in society.

    Edit: Posted my response without even reading other comments. Glad to see I'm not alone on this one.

    Apr 24, 06:19 PM
    I'm saying that's my personal opinion. I know it's capable of playing games, but many people are disappointed about something that no one knows except maybe Apple or Intel.

    Really? So if I buy a MBA, using your logic above, then one of the reasons I bought it was because it could play games. This is your opinion, your view of why some people buy a MBA. Just like what I said in my previous post was purely my personal opinion. Not dictation of anything. I'm sure many people agree with you and some that don't.

    That's you. I simply stated how I personally use my computer. It's different for everybody. Not everybody is like me or you. Not everyone is a musician or creative artist. Of course, the backlit keyboard is a welcome addition. I never said anything against that.

    That was the point of my post. I was trying to point out that different people will have different uses of a computer and have different skill levels. I was merely pointing out examples of the uses of a backlit kb (creative artists, users not as proficient in keyboarding) and the different audiences (gamers, portable users, media) that bought into an MBA.

    Yea, I didn't mean to imply that users bought it generally because of gaming, but that it was just one reason that many users (certainly not all) did happen to buy it for. I myself didn't buy the Air for gaming purposes, though I found myself pleasantly surprised when squeezing in a game or two of Left 4 Dead on it. :)

    And you explicitly said, and I quote you:

    if you want to play games, then don't bother with the Air.

    I don't know how else to interpret that. Unless of course you demand higher performance on newer games, then yea I would be inclined to agree with you. But I seem to read all the time on this forum that many users do in fact game on the Air and enjoy it. So why shouldn't they?

    Sep 1, 07:41 PM
    I already took it up with Developer Relations aka dev support, they said sorry soon. I actually got the disc anyway from my co-worker who went to WWDC, but I'm annoyed because I work with other select developers on a project, and I'd like to start checking out documentation on core animation, ...

    This is the first year that I went to WWDC and I am a ADC Select developer like you. However, the difference is I had to pay 100% out of pocket to go. My employer does not use Macs and I had to do it on my own.* At the conference, I met a lot of developers whose companies paid for the trip and they stayed in the Hyatts ($200 a night).. My gf and I stayed at the crappy hotel by 7th street which was in a unsafe part of SOMA plus I used a week of my own PTO etc..*

    It sure was alot of money ~$2300.* I sure could have done alot with that but I used it for my education and check out WWDC.* It really adds alot of value to the conference to really get the new bits. * I do not think it is fair to wait for the general rollout to ADC if you are charging so much for the conference. *This year, there was not a lot of new things besides Leopard.. Leopard was the star show and only partially revealed. Therefore the revealed parts and Leopard sessions were the key points and those were pretty tight lipped and the mostly the value of going.

    So,* why should you be able to see the sessions and get the same seed three weeks later? *Its not fair to independent developers like me and gives my project a jump start against potential competetors like you..* **

    I skipped last two years WWDC and waited until Tiger was ADC seeded and have been watching the 2005 sessions without going to WWDC the same as you..* So, i have been on both sides of the fence.* Once you pay for WWDC yourself, then you really understand that its right to let the WWDC get the first drink from the water fountain and drink for awhile.


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